⭐What is The Creative Advisory Board (CAB)?

The Creative Advisory Board is a group of creative, diverse, passionate individuals who will shape, inform and influence MOVE IT’s planning, programme, and offers to our audiences. From early career to established artists the members of the Creative Advisory Board will come together to share their ideas, skills, and experiences to advise and be a critical friend across MOVE IT and our future.

⭐Why are we doing this?

Support, Collaboration, and Inclusion are MOVE IT’s core values and with our Creative Advisory Board, we believe we can continue to grow and listen to the ideas and needs of the industry to help form a supportive, collaborative, and inclusive environment.

With a commitment to change, inclusivity, and collaboration we are looking for passion led individuals to come together to help us make an impact. We want to put our creative contributors, students, teachers, participants, exhibitors, and audiences at the heart of our decision making. This position will play a vital role in influencing and shaping the creative programme, content, features, and policies at the show. CAB members will be drawn from a very diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences, and will be representative of the communities and sectors that MOVE IT serves.

⭐Who will be part of it?

CAB members will be recruited for one year and will meet every two months to discuss a variety of subjects regarding the upcoming show. There will be six meetings in total.

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The application process for MOVE IT 2024 has now closed.

Yes! The creative advisory board is a safe space to share opinions and views on a variety of topics that are presented.

The group will meet every two months either in person or virtually (schedule depending) starting from September 2023. The meeting will last around 2 hours and will start with a presentation to contextualize the theme, and then time to discuss, reflect, and make actions.

The meetings will be held at the MOVE IT head office in Hammersmith and the virtual meetings will be held online on teams/zoom.

You need to turn up to every meeting, have an opinion, listen actively to others and be respectful to those in the room. You would help curate, shape, and influence the programme content, activity, marketing, and experiences.

This is a voluntary role, and we will offer a contribution for your time and effort.  

There will be 8 members and 1 Chair on the board.  

YES! We have a number of perks for our board members some of which include:

  • Free tickets for you and a friend for MOVE IT 2024 
  • Hosted meeting/lunch at MOVE IT 2024  
  • Opportunity to meet with a member/members of the team for advice and/or mentoring in areas such as: digital marketing, accounting, social media, best practice, business support etc. 
  • Personal profile located on the Creative Advisory Board page on MOVE IT website. 



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