MOVE IT is the world’s biggest dance event, bringing together 32,000+ people from the performing arts community. Whether you’re a dancer, teacher, spectator, student, or parent, the show has something for everyone.

Discover MOVE IT experiences tailored just for you. Explore the options below, click on the one that resonates with you, and dive into your dedicated experience.

MOVE IT is the perfect event for young dreamers dreaming of a dance career. It’s an unmatched experience that sparks your love for dance and serves as a vibrant inspiration for the next generation of young dancers!

MOVE IT is ideal for those currently exploring additional dance education, refining their profile or brand, and aspiring to be noticed or scouted. It’s the platform for you to discover the potential pathways your future in dance may take.

Get career advice from dance companies, industry-leading professionals, studios, and schools, or participate in auditions held at the show to help facilitate your next step in the dance world. Additionally, if you’re currently a student you can access our student discount with Student Beans!

Whether your teacher, performer, agent, choreographer, or more, MOVE IT offers an invaluable opportunity to stay on top of the latest trends, refine your teaching techniques, spot emerging talent, build your fan base, and connect with potential students. 

Love everything about dance? Experience the Main Stage magic, be inspired, meet your dance stars and participate in classes with some of the best international and UK teachers – MOVE IT is the ultimate celebration of all things dance!

Do you run a local dance school and are looking for a group trip? Grab your students, put on your team hoodies, and attend the show, why not compete at the various competitions throughout the weekend? 

Do you teach at a professional dance school or college? If so MOVE IT is the place for you. Be inspired by the talent on the Main Stage, shop the latest dance trends with our exhibitors and meet the next generation of dancers waiting in the wings to burst onto the dance scene.

If you have a dance related business, MOVE IT can help you grow and develop. You will have the chance to network, research the audience and pick up business tips from the talks programme. Recent exhibitors have included Prima Dancewear, AcroPad, Pros from the Shows and so many more! 

MOVE IT provides parents with tools to help support their child through their dance career. Our free seminar programme covers topics from mental health to injury prevention and setting up a business in the industry. We guarantee you will walk away with a more clear vision of the dance world as a whole.

Embark on a career-enhancing journey at MOVE IT, where you can gain invaluable insights from industry professionals, with auditions on-site and exclusive student discounts. This is your chance to take significant strides toward a successful career in the world of dance.

Join us in March and experience the MOVE IT magic, let’s come together, learn together, and MOVE together.


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