Jessica Jones is the founder of JJ Acrobatics. She is an Acrobatic Specialist and choreographer and teaches in Performing Arts Colleges across the UK, as well as teaching sold-out masterclasses at conventions and tours globally with her company. 

As an Ex British GB Gymnast, Jessica has always had a love for Dance. Choreography within her floor routines was one of her favourite factors of gymnastics. She loved combining High-dynamic tumbles with the flow of dance and controlled movements, As an elite gymnast Jessica was lucky enough to travel the world competing and performing. While gaining many titles and podium places for the country she also learnt a lot of life lessons along the way. 

 Jessica took numerous coaching qualifications and studied Coaching and Education at Edge Hill University. This gave her the knowledge and understanding of how to be a supportive coach and create a positive safe atmosphere for students she now teaches.  

She has coached gymnastics for the past 13 years. Jessica walked into the dance world to teach acrobatics to dancers 11 years ago and since then hasn’t looked back. It’s been her life ever since and she wouldn’t change it for the world. She loves creating new acrobatic skill sets for dancers and helping them gain confidence when executing high-level moves. 

Jessica teaches in a variety of different performing arts colleges across the UK in order to get students ready for the professional world. As an acrobatics teacher, she prides herself on teaching performers to become the strongest version of themselves not only physically but mentally too. 

She has recently just brought out a teacher’s training programme to spread knowledge ever further across the dance industry.. this is a really important project that Jessica has been working super hard on as she loves to see teachers expanding their knowledge within acro in the world of dance today. She is lucky enough to be heading out to Australia later this year with some of her company to work on a very exciting project and spread her Acrobatics knowledge further. 



What are you most looking forward to as a Headliner of MOVE IT 2024? 

As a headliner of MOVE IT 2024, I am most looking forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise in acrobatics with the world of dance and creating a fun yet challenging learning environment that everyone feels safe to explore. 

What is the most important lesson you have learnt in your career so far?

You don’t have to be perfect all of the time to achieve your goals, just continue to create good habits and show up for yourself to become the strongest version of yourself. you are on your own journey/path. keep showing to keep growing. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? / Further career goals in the dance Industry? 

Firstly I would like to take into account how lucky I feel to have been able to achieve so much more than I ever thought I would have. my vision is to keep travelling and sharing my knowledge across the world with aspiring dancers and athletes. As well as this my goal for the next few years is to create an Acrobatic centre of excellence for dancers from all over to come together in a safe space to learn and create to then go on to perform in big shows and companies. 

Do you have any advice for young aspiring dancers who want to get into the professional dance world? 

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. That one thing about you that everyone loves… make sure you take it into every room, every audition, at every opportunity to make yourself stand out. we never stop learning, we never stop growing, always add to your tool belt. Never compare yourself to anybody there’s only one you and that is your superpower. 

What does dancing mean to you? 

To move freely and express yourself when words aren’t enough. it doesn’t matter what day you are having you can forget about it all through the power of dance. 

Are there any influences on your style of dance? 

As an ex-Uk GB gymnast, Cirque Du Soleil has always had a massive impact on my creative flow. I love to combine the artistry of dance with the dynamic acrobatic skill set executed with strong form and technique. As dancers, it’s super important to make sure the acrobatics flows with ease in choreo in order for it to look effective. I love how Cirque draws an audience in with their story telling every skill is performed with purpose which is what I aim to achieve with my work. 

What do you think is the biggest challenge that you face as a dancer? 

When starting out as an acrobatics teacher, Dancing and Gymnastics were two completely different things, As a young girl coming into the dance industry I was scared people would not take it seriously as it was something that wasn’t really being done. Dance was very set for years and I feel I pushed the boundaries ever so slightly although I was nervous about doing this I wouldn’t change a thing I feel as though I’ve created something special within the dance industry that has combined the two and created acro dance when Acro dance is done correctly and safely it looks brilliant and books so many jobs worldwide. it adds an edge to a dancer in an audition room to make them stand out And to put acro on the dance map will be something I’m forever proud of. 

What do you think are the most important qualities for success in the dance industry? 

On days when you feel like giving up.. stick with it they are the days in which we grow. Perseverance is vital. Never let knockback stop you from focusing on the end goal. Don’t be afraid to stand out. be confident in who you are and what you can do. 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself  

Started off as a ballet dancer at 4 years old and was re-directed to gymnastics as I was constantly hanging upside down on the ballet bars. from there I was selected for primary squad training and worked my way up to the national team and went on to represent the country in my later years of gymnastics.