“I got a 10 from Len…”

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Meet Tevec, part of the Face of MOVE IT Squad…

A professional Turkish belly-dancer, the beautiful Tevec is London born and bred and has trained with Master Teachers across the world. From appearing on BBC One to her favourite peanut snack bars, find out what makes Tevec and her magic hips tick…

Face of MOVE IT 2018

So Tevec, how would your friends describe you, in four words?
Honest, loyal, inspirational, non-judgemental…

What is your ultimate inspiration for performing?
Life. My dancing depends on my mood that day and situations that I am currently going through. It has a direct impact on how I choreograph and dance on the day. I also dance to become a better version of myself.

What has been your favourite dance/performance memory to date?
I have 2 stand out moments. First, there is a very famous Turkish Oriental (Belly Dance) Star, Nesrin Topkapi. I remember sitting in her house in Istanbul eating cake and drinking Turkish coffee, she then read my fortune through my coffee cup (a Turkish tradition). I was sitting there thinking this is so surreal.

Second, was performing for Len Goodman former head judge on Strictly Come Dancing for his TV show with Ainsley Harriot ‘Len and Ainsley’s Food Adventures’ where I got a 10 from Len. Happy days!

How do you prepare for a big show?
Preparation is Key. The right food is vital such as protein carbs and good fats. It fuels my body in the right way and gives me energy for a good few hours. I also love Naked bars (Peanut Delight is my fave) and a banana for a quick fix.

When I was younger I could get away with not cooling down. Not anymore…! It’s really important to warm up and cool down properly, as you get older and into your thirties – it makes such a difference to the way you dance and recover. I do yoga to complement the dancing.

I also like to listen to Grime music/UK artists/Hip hop before I perform. My favourite track for a while now is ‘Stay Winning’ by Afro B, Sneakbo ad Team Salut. It always puts me in a positive mind frame before going on stage.

What is your favourite part of MOVE IT? 
I love that it brings together and celebrates all forms of dance, all ages and abilities. That’s what makes the event so unique. The main stage is now one of the highlights, each year performances have improved, everyone is coming out bigger and better than the year before. The main stage in 2017 was incredible.

Why do you love to perform?
It’s a feeling that I can’t really explain, I feel like it is what I’m meant to do and why I am here. I love the connection with the audience, to bring them joy and to also feel their energy and the applause. I feel an incredible buzz after performing.

If you weren’t a performer, what else would you be doing right now? 
Hmm, good question. I quit my full time job in events 4 years ago to become a full time dancer. So, I’d probably still be in events management. Putting on an event is a bit like preparing for a show, lots of preparation that no one sees beforehand, it’s a big performance on the day and then it’s over. On to the next one…

What is your favourite post-show meal? 
The right food is vital such as protein carbs and good fats. I like Nando’s chicken or a chicken shish kebab with salad and pitta bread. It fuels my body in the right way and helps me to recover. I also love Naked bars Peanut crunch and a banana for a quick fix. A protein shake is handy for recovery too.

How do you keep yourself healthy and positive?
I’ve grown up with a Mediterranean lifestyle, we have a naturally healthy diet. As an adult I’ve learned that balance is the key to keeping a healthy body and mind. As dancers we have to work hard but it’s also important to take a day off, which is really difficult if you’re freelance. When you are tired, it’s difficult to be positive. This year I’ve really focused on resting more and creating more time for myself so that I can maintain a long and healthy career. I find spending time with friends and family, and less time on social media help me revitalise.

If you had a chance to dedicate a performance to – who would it be and why?
To my husband. He is there every day through the highs and the lows. He’s seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. It would be my way of saying thank you.

Take a look at Tevec’s Instagram to see what the beautiful lady is up to next… 

Photo credit: Virtuoso Imaging 


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