THE E.L.A.T.E.D System - where happiness and success collide

Donna Easton is a performer and a Joyologist and has made finding success through happiness her mission. Using a mix of mindset, shifting perspective, and a big dollop of silliness, she helps people change the tint on the spectacles through which they see the World and their life. Joyology® is a way of life but it only requires simple shifts that make a huge difference and pack a potentially life and career-changing punch!

Donna is sharing her ‘E.L.A.T.E.D. System for Happiness’ with the MOVE IT gang. We all know the benefits of hard work and training and yet we sometimes forget to ENJOY it! It doesn’t require hours of work.

Give some, or all of these a go and watch your life transform!

The E.L.A.T.E.D. System for Happiness

1. ‘E’ is for Energy – You know some people can just walk into a room and own it? Well, here we get to play around with our internal energy and see how it shifts the way we do everything. I call it ‘dialling up your fizzy’. Imagine you have an internal Soda Stream and you can control how ‘fizzy’ you feel with the press of an imaginary button on your tummy. Press the button and feel the fizz course through your system. Pull your shoulders back, smile, have an internal soundtrack playing your favourite song, imagine yourself as the lead role in your own amazing movie and SHINE! Not only will you feel different but people will respond to you differently too.

2. ‘L’ is for Laughter – We chose this work because we didn’t want to be part of the grey gang right? We want to express who we are, create amazing things and do stuff that spreads joy to others so why-oh-why do we sometimes forget to ENJOY the ride? Laugh more! Hang out with the people that make you laugh, do silly things, and remember why you do what you do and how it makes you feel. Endorphin-releasing, oxygen-circulating goodness! Also, be aware of what you are consuming. If you have a 24hr news channel playing as the soundtrack to your day or constantly comparing yourself to other people on socials, chances are, it will start to affect you in a negative way. Keep your content light, unfollow accounts that make you feel rubbish, and listen to things that make you giggle or smile. Your nervous system will thank you!

4. ‘A’ is for Accessing the Creative – We are all creatives and as we dance and perform, we are exercising that beautiful muscle daily BUT as children, we did so much more! We modelled with clay, painted, coloured in, doodled, and played make-believe. As we ‘grow up’, we are led to believe that if we aren’t good enough to make a career out of it, it’s not worth doing. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Doing many different creative activities opens up more creative lanes in our brains and allows more if to flow. Try not to be your own worst critic with an ‘Oh I’m rubbish at art!’. Just do the thing because it feels good and unlocks a hidden or new part of who you are.

5. ‘T’ is for Try new things – Our well-trodden pathways in our brains get very comfortable with our daily routines. When we shake it up and do new things, our brains wake up. We awaken our sense of adventure, our creativity and brainpower are stimulated and it gives us a new outlook. Broadening our outlook introduces us to new things and new people and gives us something different to talk about too!

6. ‘E’ is for Existing in the now (with wonderment) – Get excited about the things you see going about your day. Re-awaken the child-like sense of wonder. Actively marvel at the majesty of nature, be blown away by the creativity of art, architecture, songs you hear, and films you watch. See the beauty of your friends and family, compliment your peers when they do amazing things and notice the seemingly simple pleasures like how a flower has peeped its way between the cracks in the pavement by your dance studio wall. The beauty of life is everywhere. Find it daily!

7. ‘D’ is for Do YOU! – We tend to see ourselves as a project that will never be finished. “I’ll be happy when…..I get that job, get into that college, if I was smarter, if I was funnier”….the list goes on. If we know that who we are right now is perfect, and our beauty lies within the complexities of who we are, we can start to shift our view of self to the positive. Wink at yourself in the mirror each morning to remind yourself you are perfect right now!

Donna works with individuals, schools, businesses and entrepreneurs to help them find success through accessing their joy!

If you want to hear more about the work she does, you can email her at [email protected], follow her on socials or find out more about working with her here: