Trade FAQs

What is shell scheme?

Shell scheme is a pre-built stand structure which halls walls, and name panel. We use Octonorm shell scheme and full details can be found here .

What is space only?

It’s exactly that! If you book the space only option, you (or a stand contractor) will need to build everything from the ground up.

Can I display graphics on my stand?

Absolutely! Our preferred supplier is Consider This UK. Contact [email protected] for a quote.

Does taking a stand guarantee performances or teaching slots?

The programme is editorial and is curated from a selection process by our creative team. Although we do encourage exhibitors to apply, this is completely separate from your stand booking. The only exception to this is the Showcase Theatre which is a space for full-time schools to showcase their work. Slots in this space are allocated according to the size of your stand as follows:

2 x 4 min slots for stands up to 9sqm

3 x 4 min slots for stands 10-19sqm

4 x 4 min slots for stand 20sqm+

How do I update my exhibitor profile on the website?

You can update your profile and logo at any time on the website. All you need to do is log into the e-zone which you will receive details for from November 2017. If for any reason you don’t have this information please email [email protected]

How do I update my exhibitor programme in the show guide?

The deadline to update your exhibitor profile for the show guide is Friday 2nd February. You must have submitted your profile through the exhibitor manual which you can download here.

What is my exhibitor manual?

Your exhibitor manual will provide you with everything you need to know about exhibiting at the show. You can find information about set up, break down, booking your electricity, fascia board, lighting etc. If you have not received your exhibitor manual, or have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Why exhibit?

Do you want to access over 26,500 dancers, dance students, dance professionals, teachers, dedicated friends and family and members of the trade? Want to increase sales or promote your brand?

At MOVE IT, we bring the whole dance community together under one roof for you to access, sell and inspire. Whether you are a college looking to find your nest year’s cohort, or a retailer wanting to sell products to dancers and trade, we can provide that platform for you to meet your audience.

Exhibiting at MOVE IT will allow you to showcase your products or brand through a stand at the show, in the official show guide, as well as online on our exhibitor profile with over 145,000 unique users per year.

Interested? Contact our MOVE IT Sales Manager, Donna Easton. 

How Can I Be a Part of MOVE IT?

There are tons of ways you can be a part of MOVE IT!


If you're an artist, or represent a group of artists, you can apply to perform on the Main Stage, in the Championships and take part on the Freestyle Stage at MOVE IT.

Information on how to apply as an artist can be found under our 'Artists' section here. 


If you're a teacher, or are looking to lead a class, workshop or talk at MOVE IT, you can apply to join us as part of MOVE IT PRO (Seminars/Workshops), the Performing Arts Workshops or our Dance Programme Classes.

Information on how to apply as a teacher can be found under our 'Teacher' section here. 

Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors

We work with a fantastic array of brands, companies and Partners to build MOVE IT and make it the best event possible. We work with Media and Industry Partners to develop the brand and have amazing Sponsors who invest to be a part of the show.

If you're looking to become a Media or Industry Partner, or join us as a Sponsor, more information can be found under our 'Sponsors & Partners' Section here. 

We also have space dedicated to amazing brands, companies and industry institutions that come to MOVE IT as an Exhibitor.

If you're a brand or company looking to exhibit as part of MOVE IT, information can be found under our 'Exhibitor' section here.

If you are Trade, more information can be found here.