Taking Part Safely Online

MOVE IT takes the safety and enjoyment of our teachers, participants and audience very seriously. Below is a guide on how to take part in an online dance class safely. You will not be visible to the session leader and they will not be able to interact directly with participants.


In order to provide the best experience in your online class please ensure the following:

• Make sure you have enough room to move without any obstruction. We don’t want you tripping or knocking into anything.

• Can you move your arms and legs safely without hitting anything? Make sure siblings, parents and pets are not going to get in your way so let them know you are taking the class.

• Make sure the floor is suitable – not too hard, not too slippery.

• Wear comfortable clothing.

• If you have any previous injuries or are pregnant please consider this when taking part.

• Only do what is comfortable for you. If something does not feel right, stop.

• Adapt the material to suit your body and space.

• Warm yourself up before the class.

• Make sure your device has sufficient battery to last the duration of the classes. If you are connected to power, make sure the wires are tucked away safely.

• Check that the connection and audio are working on your device.

• Make sure you rest in-between classes, hydrate and stay warm until your next class.

• If you injure yourself – familiarise yourself with injury management. R.I.C.E – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

• The class is pre-recorded so the teachers cannot see you.

• After the final class make sure you rest, rehydrate and perform a proper cool down with stretching.

• If you film yourself doing the choreography you have learned in our classes and plan to share on social media. Please make sure you film yourself in a space without any personal information on show and the location is clear and well-lit.

• Do tag us and the choreographer, please do not send as direct messages to either us or choreographer.

• If you have any feedback for us about the class or teaching and your participation, please send to: live@moveitdance.co.uk


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