Serena Mccall FACE OF MOVE IT 2020

Serena is 16 years old and from Scotland. She has trained at Elmhurst Ballet School in Birmingham for 2 years and will be continuing in September for 6th Form. Serena specialises in a complete diverse range of styles and has recently found a love for choreographing and was lucky enough to be awarded the Gillian Lynne Choreographic Award. For the second year running, she is a BLOCH Young Artist representing the worldwide brand.

Serena is also fortunate enough to be the official brand ambassador for ACROPAD and has been travelling around the country doing workshops and recently went to Portugal to attend a dance event.

Serena is so honoured to be a Face or MOVE IT this year! Her words exactly “I absolutely adore the team and can’t wait for the actual event itself and to take classes and perform on the main stage too!”



What does dance mean to you?

Dance means the world to me! It’s a beautiful way of expressing our emotion and breaking free from whats going on in our everyday lives.

What style of dance do you specialise in and why?

I specialise in Classical Ballet, the reason why being because it is the foundation on all dance and helps my technique.

What quote do you live by and why?

Be the best version of yourself you can be, for you and no one else

Describe yourself in 1 word?


What has been your biggest achievement so far in your career?

Gaining a full time scholarship to Elmhurst Ballet school

What exciting opportunities do you have coming up in 2019/2020?

Lots of exciting events and special projects that I hope to share soon

What does MOVE IT mean to you?

It’s a fantastic opportunity for dancers to come together and learn from not only great teachers but from one another too, also there are plenty of opportunities to be given!

As MOVE IT is celebrating their 15th birthday, what did you do for your 15th birthday?

I spent my 15th birthday with my friends at school where I board, the houseparents gave us cake and we just had a chilled out day!

What is your go – to party trick?

A tilt

What is the 15th most used emoji on your phone?


What is your favourite part of birthday parties?


What song at a birthday party gets you dancing?

Something Kinda Ooooh – Girls Aloud

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

Hopefully still dancing or teaching!