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Bringing together the U.K.’s best dance Colleges and Schools at MOVE IT

If you are thinking about further study in dance, MOVE IT has over 60 of the UKs most renowned dance colleges across the country under one roof – performing, exhibiting and looking for new, exciting talent.

This is your chance to be inspired by colleges performing on the main stage or showcase theatre and quiz teachers and students on the stands to find out all you need to know about applying to dance college, studying dance, and the different opportunities provided by different colleges.

From Italia Conti to Bird’s College, The Royal Academy of Dance to London Studio Centre, at MOVE IT we embrace any and every College or School who is dedicated to helping dancers achieve their potential.

Find out who is exhibiting at MOVE IT this year. 

Are you a school interested in coming to MOVE IT? Contact our Sales Manager directly, or head over to our Exhibitor Section.