Reece Daniels FACE OF MOVE IT 2020

Reece Daniels is 20 and trained at Jelli Studios. You may of seen Reece in Little Big Shots, Rita Ora MTV EMA, H & M love for all, and much, much more! He is currently head of the Street Department at Shana Keelers School of Dance!




What does dance mean to you?

Dance means a lot to me as it allows me to express myself. It is something I have used from the age of 9, and something I live by even when I’m not in a dance class.

What style of dance do you specialise in and why?

Hip hop and Voguing!! Hip-Hop is the first style I was trained in, it then opened up a lot of genres of dance like House, Waacking and Voguing which then helped me later on when I started commercial.

What quote do you live by and why?

“That anything is possible” because even when the bad parts and rocky roads come in life there are always ups and something to look forward too.

Describe yourself in 1 word?


What has been your biggest achievement so far in your career?

Being able to dance and promote for the H&M pride campaign where I Vogued and gave my opinions on the LGBT community.

What exciting opportunities do you have coming up in 2019/2020?

I’m looking forward to performing at MOVE IT on the main stage with my choreography. I’m also starting to venture and develop my own business within the industry but that’s yet to come!

What does MOVE IT mean to you?

MOVE IT is a home for all dancers where everybody supports one another and is like one big family .

As MOVE IT is celebrating their 15th birthday, what did you do for your 15th birthday?

I celebrated my birthday by watching fireworks in Manchester as I’m born on New Year’s Eve.

What is your go – to party trick?

Acrobatic moves.

What is the 15th most used emoji on your phone?

What is your favourite part of birthday parties?

The CAKE! I can’t lie.

What song at a birthday party gets you dancing?


Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

In 15 years I hope to own a business within the industry and be living my best lifeeeee