Posted On 20th October, 2017 by moveitdance
Do you love dance? Do you love Social Media? Are you a whizz on all the latest tips & tricks on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook? Then we want you... We are recruiting for a social media intern to join the MOVE IT Team for 2018! With over 100,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we want a fabulous new addition to the MOVE IT Team to help us make our social media eve
Posted On 20th October, 2017 by moveitdance
MOVE IT Meets is our exclusive interview series- bringing some of the industries most exciting new stars, famous names and exciting new professionals to the forefront of MOVE IT news... First up is our amazing new Creative Producer, Zara- the lady who is shifting through your applications, spotting the freshest talent for MOVE IT 2018... You'll want to get to know her... MOVE IT: Hi Zara
Move It 2017 Laura-1351
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The best advice for applying for MOVE IT 2018 is right here... We know applying for MOVE IT is exciting, nerve-wracking and at times, a little stressful, so we wanted to help you as much as possible! Here's the Top 5 Tips for Teachers and Artists, applying for MOVE IT 2018... #1 - Be prepared!  Check out the application process - including the guidelines, information and even the form
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Meet Edwin, our next Face of MOVE IT Squad member. A self-confessed "Karate kid turned Ballet Boy", Edwin wowed everyone at the Face of MOVE IT shoot with his discipline, skills and can-do attitude. If we wasn't nailing his own tricks in front of the camera, he was cheering on his fellow squad members from the side lines... Coming from Northamptonshire, Edwin has never been to MOVE IT be
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Meet the lovely Leanne, the rollerskating wonder and our fourth member of the Face of MOVE IT squad! A professional dancer, model and actress based in London, Leanne has done stints in both The Starlight Express and Seven Brothers' UK tour and is currently sharing her time between performing, photo shoots and working - often taking her skates with her! The ever-busy Leanne spared a quick
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Meet Tevec, part of the Face of MOVE IT Squad... A professional Turkish belly-dancer, the beautiful Tevec is London born and bred and has trained with Master Teachers across the world. From appearing on BBC One to her favourite peanut snack bars, find out what makes Tevec and her magic hips tick... So Tevec, how would your friends describe you, in four words? Honest, loyal, inspirational,
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Meet Daniel, another fantastic piece of the Face of MOVE IT Squad Coming all the way from County Durham, Daniel was by far our most travelled squad member- and the most prepared! His bright smile and eagerness to perform was exactly what stood out during the selection process and he fitted perfectly into the Face of MOVE IT squad. We caught up with him during the shoot to find out more abo
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Meet Melissa, the third member of the Face of MOVE IT squad... Melissa - who we nicknamed the "pocket rocket" at the Face of MOVE IT photo shoot - is one lovely lady. Not only is she talented, she's caring - making friends instantly on the shoot, bringing her vibrant and positive attitude from in front of the camera to the final images. And as for her talent- it speaks for itself - splitting h
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Meet Liam, the second Face of MOVE IT squad member... Liam is a great guy to have in your squad. He's friendly, talented and can pull some serious moves. When he's not performing with his company FatBoyZ Dance (a HipHop-cum-Bollywood style group), he's collaborating with huge names such as Aston Martin, appearing on TV on the infamous BBC red sofa and casually hanging out at the Abu Dhabi Grand P
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Introducing the ultimate #Squadgoals - Meet The Face of MOVE IT squad! MOVE IT is all about bringing dancers together and The Face of MOVE IT reflects that. Building an awesome squad of dancers is easy when you have dancers as good as our MOVE IT family. Squad Goals From different backgrounds, disciplines and styles, we had hundreds of fantastic applications. We had a really tough time select