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How to become an influencer and capture the attention of brands... Be on your “A “game with Social Brands will look at your social channels and check what type of imagery you post, the type of engagement you get and how many followers you have. It is really important that you spend some time curating a feed that really represents who you are as a person and as a dancer. Have a st
SID, Step Into Battle 2018, Stratford Circus Theatre Square
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Step into Dance, the UK’s biggest secondary schools dance programme, is offering a great opportunity for anyone that teaches dance to young people. This lively workshop will provide new ideas and a fresh approach to delivering dance.[caption id="attachment_10700" align="aligncenter" width="914"] Step Into Battle 2018, organised by Step Into Dance at Stratford Circus Theatre Square.Photo - ©
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#GOALS: goal setting for success At DANCE+INDUSTRY we are all about the SUCCESS MINDSET. What does this mean? It means the way you view the world.If you believe that everything is fixed, your skills, your talent, your opportunities and nothing will change no matter what you do…then, well, you need a huge dose of SUCCESS MINDSET. To succeed, you must believe in growth, self-improvement, t
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IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, MONEY, MONEY: invoicing as a professional freelance dancer Invoices...the document that stands between you, and money in your bank account. It tells the person who most recently hired you (and who should also be paying you) who they’re paying (that’s you), what they’re paying you for, how much they should be paying you, when they should be paying it by and how to
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SAVING FOR A RAINY DAY: financial security for professional dancers It’s no secret that choosing a career as a dancer means inconsistent work patterns – sometimes you’re earning and sometimes you’re not.The trick to keeping your head above water is to plan for the “off season” so that when work isn’t quite so abundant, or you become injured, you’re not stressing about financ
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SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: the importance of contracts as a professional dancer.Having a contract signed before you undertake any work as a professional dancer or performer is important. The contract is essentially a written agreement confirming the activities, conditions and fee associated with the job you’re doing. Having it all written down beforehand means there’s no misunderstandin
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The final day of MOVE IT PRO will address topics on body confidence, dancers health and nutrition as well as looking at the modern day issues teenagers are facing – namely the power and influence of social media. There will be 4 seminars throughout the day to EMPOWER you!    PICKING THE RIGHT DANCE TRAINING FOR YOU: Are you confused about all the different training routes there are
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          Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Face of MOVE IT Class:Theses classes are lead by highly experienced teachers, and curated by the Face of MOVE IT. EXCLUSIVE! You wont find these classes anywhere else. Try out a new style, e.g. Turkish Belly Dance from our lovely Tevec Ibrahim. Supp
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At this years MOVE IT 2018 we are introducing our brand new feature The Super Funk Roller Disco!!  We will be offering open skate sessions throughout the three days of MOVE IT, incredible performances and exciting dance classes, not to be missed! Leanne Groutage Leanne is one of our Face of MOVE IT team members and has had plenty experience on her skates! She first learnt to roller skate when
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This year MOVE IT 2018 is bigger and better than ever, we have upped our game by introducing some incredible new features including MOVE IT PRO, a brand new programme exclusively for Teachers. MOVE IT PRO is open to any Teacher or Professional (18+) to take part, and has been curated with a particular focus for each day in a bid to include some of the industries most valued companies, discussions