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Posted On 8th July, 2020 by lcarey
   July's edition of MOVE IT show partner, Dancing Times, is out now. This month's cover features our exceptionally talented friend, Brandon Lawrence of Birmingham Royal Ballet. This fantastic cover photo was taken by Drew Tommons, our official show photographer from @virtuoso_dance_photography⁣ In June Brandon, launched an online choreography challenge to stimulate bbodance st
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The desire to be back dancing in the flesh appears to be at a tipping point. In Florida, two choreographers and creative directors found a creative solution to socially distanced performances...with a difference!Dance Linkages founder Andee Scott and Poetica artistic director Amanda Sieradzki co-directed and produced a series of dance performances called ‘Dance in the Time of Coronavi
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 The recent Black Lives Matter protests have given rise to all kinds of dance art activism, with dancers and choreographers using their bodies to speak important truths that address this moment of uprising.  'This Is America' by Jakevis ThomasonView this post on Instagram  Music: This is America - @ch
laughing yoga hero
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   The concept of laughter yoga first originated in India during the mid-1990s. Considered a fairly modern exercise, it combines simulated laughter exercises with gentle breathing techniques. Advocates believe that voluntary laughter provides similar benefits to spontaneous laughter. More contagious than a sneeze or a cough, laughter can relax the entire body. The combination of
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 Cities and towns around the world have seen peaceful anti-racism protests in response to the tragic death of George Floyd.George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man, died in police custody after U.S police officer Derek Chauvin - who has since been charged with murder - knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Mr Floyd's distressing killing was captured on video as he rep
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Here's everything you need to know about The Weeknd's #BlindingLightsChallengeAsk any Millennial or Generation Z-er what TikTok is, they will most likely name some of the latest dance crazes followed by a performance to match.Before lockdown many of us didn’t know that TikTok existed, let alone how to use it. Fast forward to day sixty-something and you’ve most likely downloaded it, a
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 Strictly Come Dancing champion Oti Mabuse has teamed up with co-star Karen Hauer and husband Maruis Lepure to offer free online dance classes for both kids and adults during lockdown.Oti and her husband began devising routines which they broadcasted live on Instagram, they proved so popular that began posting the classes on YouTube and Facebook so they could be enjoyed for those who
Kingston University
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We caught up with this year's MOVE IT & Capezio Championship winners Kingston University Dance Society- Contemporary team! The team is taught by the amazing Gioa Antonucci and has become unbeatable throughout the year competing in several university competitions!In the first round the team caught the judge’s eyes when they performed their piece B.I.A - they were told by the judges ‘t
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Did you know MOVE IT doesn't just dance, we dance to make a difference to disadvantaged children around the world every year with our Official Charity Danceaid. This year you helped us raise £4000 to turn suffering to smiles through danceaid's feeding, education and equipment programmes.  This takes MOVE IT's grand total for danceaid's orphaned, poor and disabled children past £30,000!