MOVE IT PRO: Teachers Day

MOVE IT presents EDUCATE – a day to support and provide training for teachers and professionals.

As a teacher or educator you will have access to leading companies on the GCSE & A-Level Dance syllabus, as well as inclusive practice specialists and companies offering incredible tools and techniques to enhance your training and boost your teaching.

What to Expect...

Rambert and The Royal Ballet are each offering workshop and seminar packages on their GCSE and A-Level Dance works.

You will get the chance to hear from Rambert’s Artistic Director, Mark Baldwin on Rooster and A Linha Curva, and join Royal Ballet and Studio Wayne McGregor to look deeply into the choreographic process of Infra.

Rambert are also offering masterclasses for your students to partake in on the same day.

Each company will deliver a 75 minute practical masterclass based around the famous repertoire or iconic choreographer named within the formal education syllabus.

Led by experts you will learn key motifs and gain inspiration for practical tasks that can be taken back to the classroom.

There will also be a follow-on seminar to accompany the practical so you can continue your experience by digging deeper into the themes, background, influences, context and staging of the work in conversation with the company.

To book your place and find out more info, click here and search ‘MI022’, ‘MI053’ and ‘MI054’ for Rooster workshops, ‘MI010’ and ‘MI077’ for A Linha Curva, and ‘MI002’ and ‘MI048’ for Infra workshops. 


In the classroom...

Get the latest on inclusive practice with a practical session from Corali Dance Company delving into their working methodologies and pair this with a seminar from Magpie Dance to gain top advice on how to meet a range of needs in your dance classes.

Other sessions include understanding duty of care and safeguarding principles with CDET, looking after your voice as a dance teacher with READ College and how to increase your students understanding of dance through the learning of two contrasting styles led by the RAD: Step into Dance Team. 

MOVE IT has developed MOVE IT PRO to support and inspire teachers and professionals, making it as easy as possible for you to curate your own schedule- selecting workshops and seminars throughout the day to suit your needs and skillset.

To book your place and find out more info, click here and search ‘MI040’ for Corali, ‘MI035’ for CDET,  ‘MI086’ for READ College, ‘MI091’ for Step Into Dance, ‘MI061’ for Acrobatic Arts and ‘MI073’ for Magpie.

Additional benefits for teachers...

  • – Get a free chaperone ticket to support your students on site while you enjoy a full day of training
  • – Full day of training valued as certified Continued Professional Development
  • – Group discount on your student class entry tickets- 5% for groups over 15 and 10% discount for groups over 30


Last year 90% of the class programme sold out before the show, so make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic professional development opportunity.

If you have any questions and want to claim your free chaperone ticket, please contact MOVE IT Creative Producer