MOVE IT Postponed

Why has MOVE IT been postponed at such short notice?

It is with great regret that we decided that, as a result of the evolving Covid-19 situation, it is no longer possible for us to hold MOVE IT 2020 on 13 – 15 March.

We have been following UK Government guidelines and working with the rolling advice from Public Health England and other organisations, but it is with much sadness that we have taken the decision to postpone the event.  The safety and wellbeing of our staff, exhibitors, visitors, partners and contractors is of the utmost importance to us, and therefore feel the protection and prevention of harm to all involved is vital to this decision.

We love MOVE IT and we love this community and we’ve been carefully listening to the feedback we’ve been receiving from visitors, exhibitors and participants.  Until the morning of Thursday 12 March, the community had been overwhelmingly in support of the event continuing as planned.   However, things started to change significantly following the announcement by the World Health Organisation on the evening of 11 March, which has labelled Covid-19 a pandemic. On the morning of 12 March, the USA announced it would close its borders to EU flights and Ireland took increased measures with the closure of all schools – as such there was a very clear change in sentiment, and we started to hear that feedback from exhibitors and visitors.

We also became aware as the morning progressed that we could not deliver the event safely or deliver the kind of experience that you have come to expect or deserve from MOVE IT as various participants became unable to attend.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but we are committed to keeping everyone safe at the show.  Once the decision was made, this was communicated within an hour to all visitors and exhibitors to minimise any further unnecessary travel.  We can only apologise to those who were already on route, but we were working hard to do anything we could to make sure we could proceed as planned.

Will the event be rescheduled? 

We are currently working with ExCel to look at options to reschedule MOVE IT to a later date.   We will let you know within the next 14 days whether this has been possible and to confirm the new dates.

Will I get a refund? 

We are now looking to reschedule the show and your tickets will still be valid for the new timeline.

You will of course be entitled to a full refund should you not wish to transfer your booking to a rescheduled event.  We will update you in 14 days with further details of how your refund will be processed.

Will you cover costs for hotel and travel bookings? 

We cannot cover costs for any other expenses you may have incurred for travel or hotels, but if you have travel insurance it is worth checking to see if you are covered under your policy.

We also advise that you contact your hotel and travel providers ASAP to alert them to the postponement to see if they can either refund or allow you to reschedule once we know the new dates.

Are the Royal Caribbean auditions going ahead? 

Unfortunately, these have also been postponed as they were taking place within the event.   We will be in touch with Royal Caribbean and will attempt to reschedule these, if at all possible, in line with a rescheduled MOVE IT.

Thank you for bearing with us.  It has been a very painful process to make this decision, we hope that you understand our position and continue to support the show in the coming months. 

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