Marcus is a 20 year old Breaker from South London and is currently training with his company and crew Grounded UK & IMD Legion. Marcus aims to inspire others via teaching or actively attending Jams & Battles passing down knowledge & exchanging. He has a strong love for Hip Hop music as it goes hand in hand with Breaking & The Hip Hop Dance styles.

Marcus started off by watching movies and attempting to copy what he saw but with his mum being concerned for his safety he was taken to an acrobatics class where he learnt and progressed and has now developed his own unique style within Breaking.

Since Joining IMD Marcus has had multiple opportunities to perform on stages and chances to Co Choreograph and work on his creative skills. One of his favourite moments was being able to Hit the HHI (Hip Hop International) Worlds Stage with the adults team Legacy. Marcus is very excited to see what happens in the future! 

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