Friday Showcase Line up


Showcase One

10:45am – 11:05am
MASTERS Performing Arts  // Sharpe Academy // Shockout

Showcase Two

11:20am – 11:36am
LeAF Studio // The Centre PAC

Showcase Three

11:51pm – 12:11pm
Cairo American College  //University of Chichester // MEPA College // Stella Mann College of Performing Arts

Showcase Four

12:26pm- 12:46pm
Bucks New Univeristy // CAPA College // Creative Academy //MADD Colllege

Showcase Five

13:16pm – 13:36pm
BIRD College // Dancebox Studios and Theatre Works // The Big Act

Showcase Six

13:51pm – 14:11pm
Addict Dance Academy  // CAPA College // Redbridge Drama and Dance Course  // Starquest Performers College

Showcase Seven

14:26pm – 14:42pm
Cairo American College  // Middlesex University // The Brighton Academy  // Wilkes Academy

Showcase Eight

14:57pm – 15:17pm
Evolution Foundation College  // MEPA College// Oxford Stage and Screen  // University Centre Weston

Showcase Nine

15:32pm – 15:52pm
BIRD College // MASTERS Performing Arts// Phoenix Starr College  // READ College

Showcase Ten

16:07pm – 16:27pm
Oxford Stage and Screen// SLP College// The Brighton Academy  // MEPA College