Exhibitor FAQs

Key Information for MOVE IT Exhibitors

The World’s Biggest Dance Event, MOVE IT takes place in London every year. 

At MOVE IT, we bring the whole dance community together under one roof for you to access, sell and inspire. Whether you are a college looking to find your nest year’s cohort, or a retailer wanting to sell products to dancers and trade, we can provide that platform for you to meet your audience.

Whether it’s a stand query, details on sizing options or to find out a bit more about MOVE IT, check out our FAQs below.

For all Exhibitor bookings, queries and further information – email our MOVE IT Sales Manager directly here.

How Can I Be a Part of MOVE IT?

There are tons of ways you can be a part of MOVE IT!


If you're an artist, or represent a group of artists, you can apply to perform on the Main Stage, in the Championships and take part on the Freestyle Stage at MOVE IT.

Information on how to apply as an artist can be found under our 'Artists' section here. 


If you're a teacher, or are looking to lead a class, workshop or talk at MOVE IT, you can apply to join us as part of MOVE IT PRO (Seminars/Workshops), the Performing Arts Workshops or our Dance Programme Classes.

Information on how to apply as a teacher can be found under our 'Teacher' section here. 

Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors

We work with a fantastic array of brands, companies and Partners to build MOVE IT and make it the best event possible. We work with Media and Industry Partners to develop the brand and have amazing Sponsors who invest to be a part of the show.

If you're looking to become a Media or Industry Partner, or join us as a Sponsor, more information can be found under our 'Sponsors & Partners' Section here. 

We also have space dedicated to amazing brands, companies and industry institutions that come to MOVE IT as an Exhibitor.

If you're a brand or company looking to exhibit as part of MOVE IT, information can be found under our 'Exhibitor' section here.

If you are Trade, more information can be found here.