MOVE IT offers classes that cater for a range of dancers based on age and/or level of experience. It is important to carefully consider who your class is best suited to before selecting the level. Please see our level descriptions below:

UNDER 5’s / UNDER 10’s / UNDER 16’s

Classes can cover a range of different dance styles and levels, but have been designed specifically for younger dancers. Under 5’s classes involve parent/guardian participation.


Classes are suitable for participants aged 12+ of all levels. Complete beginners are welcome, as well as experienced dancers looking to try something new.


Classes are suitable for all ages, including older learners and those who have very little/no previous experience in dance.


Classes are for those looking to hone their technique in a particular genre, or those who are more experienced dancers wanting to try a new style. This level is also suitable for dancers who’ve attended beginner’s classes and feel ready to push themselves.


Classes are perfect for advanced dancers who are confident in picking up choreography at a fast pace, and who are looking to work on their precision and technique.


These classes are for dancers who have completed at least three years of full-time dance training and are currently working as professional artists in their own right. They are designed to enhance the core skills required for a performance career, to refine expressive abilities and develop physical endurance. Recent graduates are also welcome.


Specifically targeted at educators, these classes offer professional development in a range of areas including: strategies for teaching, insights into works featured on GCSE/A-Level syllabi, and how to prepare your students for auditions.

Please note all classes are in studios that are fully accessible to wheelchair users.