MOVE IT Class Categories

Dance Classes (45 mins)

The majority of our MOVE IT class programme is made up of 45 minute classes in a variety of styles and disciplines, including: dance, fitness and performing arts. These sessions act as tasters, aiming to leave you inspired and hungry for more! Classes cost £6.50 per ticket.

Open Skate (30 mins)

Hit the roller rink for Open Skate sessions across the weekend. Perfect for all the family and a brilliant way for dancers to keep their muscles warm in between classes. Tickets cost £6.50 and include skate hire.

Headliner Studio

NEW FOR MOVE IT 2020! This year we have introduced the Headliner Studio where you can find some of our incredible, hand-picked industry professionals teaching one-hour classes to all our MOVE IT fans. The Headliner Studio has a capacity of 200 and is perfect for students looking to excel their training by learning from high profile dancers in a convention environment. Gain insight into what it’s like to live your dream of working in the professional dance industry. Headliners include Strictly Come Dancing Professionals, West End Stars, and Commercial Geniuses that have danced for music artists from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift. All classes in the Headliner Studio are £10 per ticket.

Harlequin Masterclass Studio

The Harlequin Masterclass Studio hosts inspiring classes ranging from 60-75 minutes. They are designed to give dancers an immersive and intimate experience with some of the best in the industry. Participants will receive invaluable critiques due to the size of the class (maximum capacity of 30 students) – this is an exclusive opportunity to connect more closely with the class teachers and truly embody their learning. Tickets for Harlequin Masterclass content are £10.

Intensives (90 mins)

MOVE IT Intensives give students an in-depth experience of a specific style through 90 minute sessions. Participants are expected to have a high level of focus, be committed to learning and be willing to fully absorb the bespoke knowledge from these industry professionals. Attendees must also be confident that they can maintain appropriate energy for the duration of these classes. Intensives take place in the Rokafella, Performing Arts and Fitness Studios and cost £15 per ticket.

Dance Lab (180 mins)

The MOVE IT Dance Lab session is the most exclusive and intimate class at the show, with a capacity of just 25. This three-hour workshop is specifically for professional dance artists and recent graduates who have completed a minimum of three years full-time training. Dance Lab is taught at a highly advanced level, where participants will learn professional repertoire and gain insight into a renowned artist’s choreographic process. Dance Lab is designed to push you to your limits! Tickets cost £25.