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How to become an influencer and capture the attention of brands…

Be on your “A “game with Social

Brands will look at your social channels and check what type of imagery you post, the type of engagement you get and how many followers you have. It is really important that you spend some time curating a feed that really represents who you are as a person and as a dancer.


Have a strong bio in place that lets people know who you are. You don’t need all professional photos, far from it. Brands actually love genuine and more “in the moment” content such as rehearsal pics, videos of you dancing in your favourite tap shoes…etc. But you do have to work at taking great quality pictures (not blurred, no yellow lights…etc.) and growing a following because the larger your audience is, the more interested brands will be.


Post high-quality videos with good lighting that shows off your dance moves. Brands take notice of videos. You don’t need a million followers for brands to notice you, but we do notice when your followers share your content

  • Make sure your images are of high-quality and have good lighting
  • Use cool captions to tell the story in your post.
  • Use relevant hashtags, but no too many.


Show your affinity to the brand…
Are you a long-time Capezio pointe shoe wearer or maybe a die-hard Capezio K360 fan? We want to know! Brands always love hearing about how much you love one of their products. But you also need to make it easy for them to take notice by making sure you tag them in the photo if you’re wearing their item or by using their company hashtag. Don’t overuse hashtags in your posts. When attending conventions or competitions, make sure you wear an item of theirs when performing if you can or when you’re rehearsing or even just relaxing. It could be a jacket, a bag, sweater… Brands will spot their products in a crowd.

             #CAPEZIO       #CAPEZIOATHLETE 

Company logos stand out and we take notice! If possible, show the company’s logo in some of your photos. Post should be authentic and capture the true spirit of who you are. Don’t be afraid to contact brands directly through email or direct message. We may not always reply but we do take notice when people are persistent. Brands won’t be interested if all your posts have multiple brands tagged in the pics.



Make sure you are following them on:






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