“Performing keeps me connected to my truest self…”

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Meet Melissa, the third member of the Face of MOVE IT squad…

Melissa – who we nicknamed the “pocket rocket” at the Face of MOVE IT photo shoot – is one lovely lady. Not only is she talented, she’s caring – making friends instantly on the shoot, bringing her vibrant and positive attitude from in front of the camera to the final images.

And as for her talent- it speaks for itself – splitting her time between training, performing and classes, Melissa’s feet barely ever touch the ground, and that’s not just because of her signature moves…

Melissa-Face of MOVE IT

Hi Melissa! We know you’re fabulous, but how would your friends describe you?

Caring, positive, passionate, creative!

What is your ultimate inspiration for performing?

The journey of life which influences all that I am when performing…

What has been your favourite dance/performance memory to date?

When I performed my first solo choreography at The Brit School back in 2010. My piece was called ‘Endurance’ and was based on domestic violence. It was where it all really started for me and was the stepping stone into the path I have chosen to take. The experience it gave me and everything the process taught was something I hold onto til this day.

Having a healthy and happy lifestyle is important for all dancers. How do you prepare for a big show? 

I like to have lots of fruits first thing in the morning especially smoothies, so this would be the start to my breakfast, followed by porridge with bananas, strawberries or blueberries with cinnamon sprinkle on top, or an omelette. I normally mediate and do yoga in the morning so this would be a good way to ground myself and mentally prepare me for the big day. When actually at the venue, I like to improv or have a little freestyle sesh before hand to get my body ready to go and in the moment.

As the Face of MOVE IT, we know your love MOVE IT – but what’s your favourite part?

I don’t actually have a particular favourite part, as the whole experience of the day is what makes it great! The atmosphere created by everyone being in one place for the same reason, the love of dance, is something truly special.

Why do you love to perform?

The process teaches me more about myself and performing keeps me connected to my truest self.

If you weren’t a performer, what else would you be doing right now?

Travelling around the world creating, sharing, and evolving with others.

What is your favourite post-show meal?

Some form of Mexican dish or a wrap, cheese would definitely be involved.

How do you keep yourself healthy and positive?

I recently cut meat out of my diet which has led me to research about different food groups and ways of preparing food. I prep most meals for the week so

1. I make sure I don’t skip meals when I’m busy
2. I can plan and always know what I’m putting into my body. I have smoothies every morning and sometimes in the evening if I’m going to be dancing late.

I have what I call ‘self sesh’ which are moments where I’m completely selfish in spending time on my own (doing what ever makes me happy) – be it exercising, reading, writing, listening to music or just sitting outside. I practise yoga and like to meditate which is a way to keep myself centered, connected and my mind free of clutter. I keep journals which I use to reflect and evaluate my days/weeks. I also have a gratitude journal that allows me to keep my mind on the good and positives in life.

If you had a chance to dedicate a performance to – who would it be and why?

It would be to my mum, as she is one of my main inspirations behind everything I do. She keeps me lifted, she has supported me in everything I’ve journeyed through and I wouldn’t be as strong without her.

See what we mean – what an inspirational person to be around! Take a look at Melissa’s Instagram to see her in action. 


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