“I just love entertaining a crowd…”

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Meet Liam, the second Face of MOVE IT squad member…

Liam is a great guy to have in your squad. He’s friendly, talented and can pull some serious moves. When he’s not performing with his company FatBoyZ Dance (a HipHop-cum-Bollywood style group), he’s collaborating with huge names such as Aston Martin, appearing on TV on the infamous BBC red sofa and casually hanging out at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix…

See… good guy to know…

How would your friends describe you, Liam? 
Spontaneous, Inspirational, Genius, Superhuman, haha!

What is your ultimate inspiration for performing?
When I’m leading my dance company, FatBoyZ Dance, my ultimate inspiration for performing is for the audience to see my vision through my performance, always.

What has been your favourite dance/performance memory to date?
My favourite dance/performance memory to date is being the first HipHop – Bollywood, choreographer/ performer ever in the history of the Grand Prix to headline the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016 final, alongside my dance company FatBoyZ Dance!

How do you prepare for a big show?
I prepare for a big show by making sure I train a lot! I like to condition my body, depending on the length of the set I’m performing or the conditions I’m performing the set in!

In terms of prep meals, I have a huge sweet tooth, however depending on the performance I will make sure to enstil enough discipline to keep a good clean diet!

When I’m performing with FatBoyZ Dance we all get into a huddle I give them a pep talk, then we put our hands in and start shaking them to build energy!!

What is your favourite part of MOVE IT?
My favourite part of MOVE IT is, the freestyle stage! Being able to showcase your style in front of a group of dancers with different styles is 100% what MOVE IT stands for- bringing dancers together! 👌🏾

Why do you love to perform?
I love to perform because I love entertaining a crowd! I enjoy being the reason a person wants to stop whatever they’re doing and or thinking for however long and just watch someone showcase a story, that then makes them feel a certain way!

It’s more than just being free on a stage, it’s the applause that I love too – knowing I’ve entertained people.

If you weren’t a performer, what else would you be doing right now?
If I wasn’t a performer I don’t know what I would be doing, I just know that I whatever it would be, I would be trying my best to be just as great and successful as I am right trying now- with my dancing!

What is your favourite post-show meal?
My favourite post show meal is probably a five guys, or a Chinese- normally something huge!!

How do you keep yourself healthy and positive?
I keep myself healthy and positive by making sure I keep myself surrounded with those types of people, people who push me to be great and stay level headed!

I make sure I have a really good mindset, I don’t take things too seriously (unless I need to) and I love to train, so through building positive habits I feel I’m as healthy as I can be right now!

I also love watching cartoons and who can ever be unhappy when watching cartoons?

If you had a chance to dedicate a performance to – who would it be and why?
If I had a chance to dedicate a performance to someone it would no doubt be my Mum and Dad! They’ve supported me through my training and my career at such a young age and it would only make sense to show them the fruits of there love and support!

Liam has been performing up and down the country & around the world with FatBoyz Dance! Follow Liam on Insta – @liamdawett, and see what he gets up to on and off stage!


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