“When I dance, it makes me feel as in I am in a different world…”

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Meet Daniel, another fantastic piece of the Face of MOVE IT Squad

Coming all the way from County Durham, Daniel was by far our most travelled squad member- and the most prepared! His bright smile and eagerness to perform was exactly what stood out during the selection process and he fitted perfectly into the Face of MOVE IT squad.


We caught up with him during the shoot to find out more about his Britain’s Got Talent experience, why he loves MOVE IT and just how his preparation helps with his performing…

So Daniel – how do you think your friends would describe you, in four words?
Caring, friendly, humerus, humble

What is your ultimate inspiration for performing?
My ultimate inspiration for performing is having the feeling of being free and lost in an imagination or story through the dance choreography.

What has been your favourite dance/performance memory to date?
My favourite dance memory to date has to be getting scouted for Britain’s Got Talent 2017. I was scouted at the UK Dance Elite Championship Finals in London by a BGT Producer. I then attended the Judges Audition’s receiving 4 yes’s and was invited down to London for Deliberation Day.

How do you prepare for a big show?
When I prepare for a big show, I usually like to be left alone to get myself in the zone so when I step out on stage I perform the best I possibly can. I normally have little snacks so I don’t fill my stomach up too much. Just before I go on stage, I prep myself by stretching and doing kicks, turns, leaps and any tumbles that I will be doing in the routine.

What is your favourite part of MOVE IT?
My favourite part of MOVE IT is getting to meet other amazingly talented people from around the country and even from other parts of the world.

Why do you love to perform?
I love to perform because when I dance, it makes me feel as in I am in a different world that is more positive and powerful than the ordinary world.

If you weren’t a performer, what else would you be doing right now?
If I wasn’t a performer, I would probably be a gymnast.

What is your favourite post-show meal?
I’m really aware of what I eat, so my favourite post-show meal have to be something simple like pasta and a protein shake (or milk) to refuel my body.

How do you keep yourself healthy and positive?
I keep myself healthy and positive by always smiling and trying not being negative. Also by helping others and making others smile.

If you had a chance to dedicate a performance to – who would it be and why?
If I had a chance to dedicate a performance to someone it would have to be my Dad. This is because when I was really young, he became extremely poorly and nearly died. Because of him showing determination to get better and push through, it’s inspired me to do the same through my dancing.

Daniel is always on the go, and has a fantastic Instagram showcasing all his adventures across the dance world. Take a look here and find out what he gets up to… 


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