Danceaid; Don’t just dance, dance to make a difference…

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Did you know MOVE IT doesn’t just dance, we dance to make a difference to disadvantaged children around the world every year with our Official Charity Danceaid.

This year you helped us raise £4000 to turn suffering to smiles through danceaid’s feeding, education and equipment programmes.  This takes MOVE IT’s grand total for danceaid’s orphaned, poor and disabled children past £30,000!


Particularly special this year is the story of 10 year old Dexter, a keen dancer who’s teacher met the danceaid team at MOVE IT 2018.  Dexter has spastic paraparesis (paraplegia), a form of congenital palsy causing him severe mobility difficulties requiring him to wear splints and walk with the aid of a Kaye-Walker.

Despite his challenges, Dexter is a keen dancer, and since he started classes two years ago, his confidence and his range of movement have grown phenomenally.  He has even starred in performances with the support of his walker, sometimes performing floorwork pieces unaided.

Now in Year 5 Dexter’s struggle to “be like everyone else”, and questions like “why doesn’t my body work”, trouble him more and more.  He is fiercely independent, only asking for help when absolutely necessary, but he is becoming more aware of differences between him and his peers, especially during P.E. lessons and breaktimes in the playground.

Donations you made to danceaid children’s charity at MOVE IT 2018 are now making a long-held wish for Dexter and his family come true – Dexter’s very own adapted wheelchair.  This will open up a whole new world to Dexter, giving him a new lease of life and a clean break from the worries and disadvantages currently slowing him down.  The speed of this chair will allow him to feel that rush of energy, the thrill of speed, and a range of movement he has never experienced.  It will also finally give him the freedom to use his arms, which have been holding him up behind his walker for all these years. 

 Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped to make this dream come true – as the danceaid team always say, ‘Teamwork Makes The Dream Work’!  You can follow Dexter’s story @  And you can help danceaid to dare even more children to dream in 2018 by donating @


 Watch danceaid’s MOVE IT Main Stage piece to learn more about the struggle faced by the brave children danceaid volunteers help every single day, choreographed by Jade Hackett and Oliver Engele...WATCH HERE


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