AcroPAD at MOVE IT 2019

Portable and effective, this flooring is designed to offer safe and progressive support for students as they master a wide range of skills and movements such as flips, jumps & tumbles. 

AcroPAD has sprung floors and accessories that take between 30 seconds and 6 minutes to inflate and deflate depending on the size of the product, making it perfect for schools, peripatetic teachers, and for students who want to practice tricks at home!

AcroPAD and its accessories can be packed away and stored very easily. For example an 8m x 2m x 20cm deep AcroPAD will deflate down to roughly an 8th of its inflated size, only needing a 1m x 50cm x 50cm deep storage space.

The aim of the equipment is to transition to a stage or studio floor. Due to the pads being inflatable you can make the surface harder or softer depending on the ability of the students. As the students experience and confidence grows you add more air and it becomes more floor like!

We have been using this equipment in our studios fro the past 3 years and have seen great improvements in our students. Below is a list of the top of skills and training we have used it for to date:

    • Releve- both single and double footed- strengthening ankles and engaging core
    • Rise– both single and double footed- strengthening ankles and engaging core
    • Pirouette prep (Jazz 4th/5th or 4th position in Ballet)- Strengthening ankels, arm position and engaging core to stimulate muscle engagement for a pirouette.
    • Split Leaps– Engages core, creating more height to allow student to use the whole of the foot for elevation, more time in the air to execute the final position.
    • Box Jumps( both traveling and on the spot) -As above.
    • Knee drops– softer landing while learning correct technique.
    • Forward and backwards walk overs, Hand springs, Flicks, Ariels and any other acro trick you can think of.
    • Leaping or Jumping combinations– Providing a soft and safe surface to develop acro based choreography asa solo or a group performance
    • Over slips using the AcroPAD blocks.Injury prevention and rehabilitation.