Exhibiting at the UK’s Biggest Dance Event

If you’re a dance brand, manufacturer, school, college, academy, association, venue, event or publisher looking to promote your organisation to the biggest collective of dancers that exists at any one time in the UK – MOVE IT is for you!

“It’s our first time exhibiting at MOVE IT. We’ve had a fantastic reception. We were launching our new brand, FirmFit, and we almost sold out on the first day, the reaction’s been phenomenal and we’ve now had to take orders for the stuff we don’t have here. It’s a great way to get your name known amongst a lot of dancers. ”

“As a dance brand, as a retailer, MOVE IT is definitely the show to go to because you’ve got teachers, dancers, all the musical theatre students, so you have your core customer base here to sell to.”

“This year we’ve had a really great experience in as much as we’ve met the people that we are out there for, the teachers, the dancers, we want to be in touch with them. The show has been fantastic, the new venue, the transition from Olympia, has been really smooth, it’s been great.”

“MOVE IT this year has been a great experience for our brand, a great opportunity to showcase exactly what we have to offer. The people here are really fun, energetic and it’s been something that actually I urge anyone to come to.”

“It’s a great opportunity for us to meet prospective students, to talk to parents, for students and parents to see the work of Bird College and to get first-hand information and that’s fantastic, it means that we’re attracting people from all over the world and all over the country. The MOVE IT team are always bringing new things, it never stays static MOVE IT, and for me that’s one of the great things. That’s why we come back year after year, we’re trying to always move and think ahead, and MOVE IT is always thinking ahead and moving forward so it’s great.”

“The Royal Academy of Dance has exhibited at MOVE IT for many years now; we come back every year because it’s the place to be if you’re involved in dance. We expect to see dance teachers or people who are looking to become a dance teacher and MOVE IT has been successful for us, it’s a really good platform for us to be able to talk to people, tell them what we do. ”

“Performers College has been here for 10 years now. We always return to MOVE IT because it’s a good marketing tool to collect great students. We audition every year and we always like to have fresh students and this is the place to come and get them, it’s the biggest dance event in the world so it’s always good to come here. ”
Performers College

“We do it every year, it’s our best way of advertising. We get in contact with all our customers, both wholesale and retail. Any company that sells anything to do with dance this is their best point of contact to come to. ”

“MOVE IT has been excellent for meeting trade buyers, dance teachers and dance studios. I know that for Eurotard personally we’ve been able to connect with buyers that we wouldn’t have probably been able to connect with any other way. Same with some of the partnerships that we’ve developed just while being here with dance studios, which is so critical to growing our business in the UK market.”

“This is our 11th year at MOVE IT. MOVE IT always proves very successful for us because it enables us to meet all the students that hopefully will come and join the college or would like to try us out. We’ll definitely be back next year and this year has been quite fun actually, we’ve liked the new venue a lot. ”
Tiffany Theatre College

“MOVE IT has been an absolutely amazing experience for us here at the Urdang Academy this year. We’ve had performances on the Main Stage and on the Showcase Theatre; there’s been a real big hype and buzz about the place here at the ExCeL Centre, it’s been really busy. We’ve had such a phenomenal time; we can’t wait to come back again next year. It’s just a really nice atmosphere and great time of year that we look forward to.”


Take part in the UK’s biggest dance event if you are interested in:

  • Selling dance products
  • Recruiting new students
  • Finding the best talent
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Growing your database
  • Networking with the industry and making invaluable connections
  • Performance opportunities in the Showcase Theatre
  • Manufacturers, retailers, schools, colleges, academies, universities, associations, venues, events and publishers exhibit year after year.

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“Every year it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger… it’s amazing!”
Solange Urdang, Urdang Academy


MOVE IT 2016 attracted 24,788 attendees including:

  • Dance students
  • Teachers
  • Professionals and choreographers
  • Decision makers from the dance industry
  • Parents of dancers


“This is our main annual opportunity to meet teachers, students and to promote our brand to the people that our going to be our customers in the future.”
Mark Rasmussen, Harlequin Floors


Download the MOVE IT 2017 sales brochure here


MOVE IT boasts one of the highest re-book rates in the events industry, with 84% of exhibitors re-booking onsite for the next event in March 2017. There is no better indication of exhibitor satisfaction.

“We keep coming back to MOVE IT because it’s our main form of advertising.”
Chriss Campbell-Welch, Tiffany Theatre College


We offer a range of stand packages based on how many square metres you need:

Size Rate
0 to 12 m² shell scheme £280 per m² (+ VAT)
12+ m² shell scheme £265 per m² (+ VAT)
Space only (any size) £235 per m² (+ VAT)


  • Shell scheme stand structure and name panel (shell scheme only)
  • Carpet
  • 20 complimentary tickets
  • Show guide entry (distributed to every visitor)
  • Your own promotional area on our website
  • Marketing support


Increase your presence and sell to dance retailers and top industry buyers by taking a second stand in the MOVE IT Business Lounge.

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Donna Easton
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