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Bloch is three generations dedicated to dance.

Founded in Sydney, Australia in the early 1930’s by Eastern European immigrant Jacob Bloch, a crafstman who began his career producing exceptional hand-made pointe shoes for revered ballet dancers wordwide. So successful was Jacob that a full range quickly followed. Since that time, the rapid growth of Bloch’s reputation has established the brand as one of the most trusted in the industry.

Today, guided by the third-generation of Bloch’s family, the company’s international recognition has marked it as a leader in the technical dance market. Our design features, material selection and construction are all linked to dance. As the industry leader, our dance DNA is found in every pair of shoes we make.

Quite simply, our business is all about dance!



Our respect level for the artists we serve is infinite. If we can contribute to the dancer’s artistry in any small way, by making their life easier then we achieved our goal.

We confess to a secret jealousy in not being able to achieve the level of artistic integrity of many of our clients. Nevertheless, we are at least artisans working in a beautiful field. We do not pollute, we are not deal makers, we are simply at our best when we can engineer the most suitable product to meet our dancer’s utilitarian desires.

In our ranks there are ex-professional dancers and our Bloch All Stars are some of the world’s leading professional dancers.

Today, Bloch is fulfilling the promise made by its founder all those years ago.Bloch-Branded-900PX-StretchPointe